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Clearing up any misunderstanding – Bioglitz apology


Saba Gray, the founder of Bioglitz has been doing a fabulous job of raising the profile of the use of microplastics in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, in several interviews, Saba has been misquoted or misrepresented and it has raised questions and confusion around Bioglitz, their relationship with Bioglitter™ and the invention and manufacture of glitter raw material that will biodegrade in the natural environment.

Ronald Britton Limited ARE the inventors, manufacturers of Bioglitter™ both in terms of the product and the brand. Bioglitter™ brand trademark(s) are registered trademarks of Ronald Britton Limited as detailed on www.bioglitter.com

There is no link or relationship between Bioglitter™ and Bioglitz other than a simple supplier, customer relationship, in that Bioglitz are known to have purchased Bioglitter™ products in the past. Initially directly, then more recently via our US distributor, Blue Sun International.

Bioglitz is a consumer brand and glitter reseller/retailer based in the USA. They offer glitter mixes and glitter products in consumer packaging.

Saba’s latest interview with VICE is a case in point; Whilst it spreads the important message about the use of microplastics in the fashion industry, it also raises questions about the invention and manufacture of the glitter raw material Bioglitz are promoting.

Below is a screenshot of the unsolicited email of apology sent by Bioglitz soon after the VICE interview went online.