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Will Bioglitter® ever be 100% biodegradable?

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It’s our goal to maximise the amount that Bioglitter® biodegrades, however, our target is not necessary to get to 100%.

The real environmental challenge with traditional glitter is the plastic and our target to remove the plastic in ALL Bioglitter® products addresses this challenge.

The biodegradability goals of Bioglitter® are driven by our desire to leave no mess and also achieve certified biodegradable status.  We all know how hard it is to clean up glitter when it gets in the environment, hence why decided early in the development of Bioglitter® that it was necessary to ensure that it would biodegrade in natural environments, so any glitter left behind after clean-up will biodegrade and leave minimal or no trace.  Biodegradability certification is important as it clearly communicates the level of biodegradability performance.

However, we do wish Bioglitter® still to look like glitter: colourful, bright, shiny and most of all FUN.  To do this we use reflective materials like metals and also coloured materials such as pigments.  It’s important to understand that materials that do not biodegrade are not necessarily harmful to the environment.  For example Aluminium, the most abundant metallic element in the earth’s crust does not biodegrade and is neither toxic nor ecotoxic.  Aluminium is also the brightest metal available and is what gives Bioglitter® its brilliant shine.  We also use pigments in Bioglitter® to give the vibrant colour, the pigments we use are specially selected and are not harmful.  These non-plastic, non-harmful and non-biodegradable components, ie bio-compatible, depending on the Bioglitter® product, can represent up to a few % of Bioglitter®’s content and hence why some Bioglitter® products have less than 100% biodegradability and why we continue to focus on the KEY issue of removing plastic from the environment.

We carefully select all our raw materials to ensure they are not toxic, eco-toxic or harmful.  Both our desire to produce an eco-friendly glitter and our legal obligations to comply with appropriate product safety legislation such as REACH, Cosmetic Regulations and Toy Regulations ensure this.

With Bioglitter® we are simply designing the environmental concerns OUT of the product.  So the consumer can stop worrying about it’s impact on the environment and focus on having FUN.

Bioglitter® – Driving Towards a Guilt Free Glitter World!