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Glitter Structure – How’s it made up?


Glitters are manufactured by coating clear films with reflective, coloured and clear coatings, then precision cutting the coated film into small uniform particles, usually hexagonal shaped.

Below is an expoded view of Bioglitter.

c.90% Film base this forms the ‘Core’ of glitter

c.10% Combined top and bottom coatings.  These provide the glitter with colour and functional properties to imporve performance in application.

c.01% Aluminium.  This provides glitter with its brilliant shine.  Aluminium is naturally occuring and is the most abundant metallic element in the earth’s crust.  Its also the most reflective of all metals and therefore prefect for providing that ultimate sparkle.


The coatings give the glitter its colour and also provide functional properties to improve performance in application. Coating the certified biodegradable film used in Bioglitter could affect the biodegradability of film/core in the finished Bioglitter product.  This is why it was so important for us to independently prove that the coating we apply in the manufature of Bioglitter did not compromise the ability of the core to biodegrade.

In the case of silver glitter, where no colour is needed, there is an option not to apply coatings. However, we still coat Bioglitter with a clear coating to provide the functional properties as explained above.