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How big is the glitter microplastic pollution problem?


It’s important to be mindful that the extent of glitter pollution is small in comparison to other forms of primary microplastic marine pollution, ie plastic that enter the oceans as microplastics such as; vehicle tyre dust, wash fibres from man-made fabrics and the weathering of exterior coatings to name a few.  This does not include the microplastics generated through the break down of larger pieces of plastic pollution.

From a recent National Geographic article “So while there is evidence of accumulation of microplastics in general and evidence of harm from lab studies, there is a lack of clear evidence specifically on glitter,” says Richard Thompson, a marine biologist at the University of Plymouth in western Britain and a leading expert on microplastics. “We have microplastic particles in around one third of the 500 fish we examined in the English Channel, but we did not find any glitter.”

Needless to say glitter is still a microplastic and no matter how big or small the potential issue, it still needs addressing.  Hence our passion to offer credible eco-friendly glitter alternatives.