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Beware FAKE Bioglitter®!

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It’s come to our attention that some glitter suppliers in territories such as China are using our Bioglitter® branded data sheets, product information sheets to pass-off unknown and inferior glitter products as Bioglitter®. We have also seen test reports that are fake and misleading.

How to Check Bioglitter® is Genuine…?

1. Genuine Bioglitter® is ONLY manufactured in Germany

2. Genuine Bioglitter® documentation will have Sigmund Lindner GmbH (SiLi) company name and address and Sigmund Lindner GmbH as the manufacturer.

3. Genuine Cosmetic Bioglitter® is ONLY distributed via company ‘Sethic Innovations’ based in China and Hong Kong

4. Genuine Deco Bioglitter® is ONLY sold direct from SiLi Germany to customers in China and Hong Kong

5. Genuine Bioglitter® biodegradability certifications and test reports are ONLY in the name of Sigmund Linder GmbH


If you wish to clarify or check a source of Bioglitter® please don’t hesitate to contact us to verify its authenticity.