What isBioglitter™?

Eco Friendly

Bioglitter™, invented and manufactured by British company, Ronald Britton Ltd, is an eco-friendly alternative to glitter (plastic-based glitter) and has been developed to tackle microplastic pollution created by glitter.  A development journey now spanning over a decade.

This is not glitter… This is Bioglitter™

Apart from its physical appearance Bioglitter™ has different physical properties and is derived from different raw materials than glitter.

The Bioglitter™ Journey   

Bioglitter™ uses sustainably and ethically sourced natural and plant derived materials as its basis rather than plastic. They are PROVEN through independent ISO14851 and ISO14852 fresh water testing of the WHOLE Bioglitter™ product, core and coating, to biodegrade.

Plant Material

One Goal For All.  –  Independent fresh water biodegradable certification is the goal for all Bioglitter™ products.  Ronald Britton Ltd uses ‘TÜV OK biodegradable WATER’ certification as a simple and clear means of communicating this fact to our customers.

  • Certification is achieved by the removal of plastic or microplastic material
  • Certification cuts through confusing messages around plastic content and biodegradability
  • TÜV OK biodegradable WATER is the highest level of independent certification for fresh water biodegradability in the world

We have taken this approach as terms such as ‘100% plastic free’ and ‘100% biodegradable’ can be misleading, used without qualification and don’t necessarily describe the eco credentials of a product.

We believe OK biodegradable WATER certification cuts through the confusion.  Moreover, the ISO14851 and ISO14852 tests at the heart of this certification are also specified by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) for determination of whether or not a polymeric material is considered a microplastic.

4 of our product ranges are now OK biodegradable WATER certified.

The Bioglitter™ Range Summary    

We remain committed to the future development of both existing and new Bioglitter™ products and to attaining certification for all product ranges.

Always look for our Internationally Registered Trade Mark Logo to ensure it’s GENUINE Bioglitter –

How Bioglitter® is created How Bioglitter® is created

Where isBioglitter™ used?


Our Cosmetic Bioglitter™ product ranges are globally COSMETIC compliant. All Cosmetic Bioglitter™ products are suitable for use in cosmetic and personal care applications, including colour cosmetics, skincare, festival, nail & body art.

Cosmetic Bioglitter™ is NOT edible

decorative and coatings industries

Deco Bioglitter™ product ranges are our TECHNICAL grade glitters.  Formulated for use in decorative, coatings, fabrics, and other non-cosmetic applications.

Deco Bioglitter™ is NOT suitable for use in cosmetic applications and NOT edible.

art and education

Craft Bioglitter™ is our range of glitters specifically formulated for primary education level children’s crafting.

Craft Bioglitter™ is NOT suitable for use in cosmetic applications and NOT edible.


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Why isBioglitter™ needed?

the plastic problem - time for change

The world is facing a major issue

The world is facing a major issue with plastic pollution and although glitter is a small fraction of this, it is a contributing factor. Defined as a microplastic, ‘plastic’ glitter takes hundreds of years to degrade in natural environments.


Because of its small size and utilisation in a diverse range of single-use applications (cosmetics, cards, clothing and crafts to name a few) a composting facility is very unlikely to be where glitter ‘ends up’.

Glitter can find its way into wastewater from bathing, washing-up art materials or washing clothing for example, which after water treatment can then end up in our lakes and rivers.  Once in the natural environment, glitter, like other microplastics, can cause physical harm to small organisms and end up entering the food chain.

A great idea

We Thought Glitter Needed a Total Rethink

Glitter is unlikely to end up in compost, therefore a compostable glitter does not fix the problem.          The key to success is the removal of polymeric material that does not biodegrade quickly and safely in natural, fresh water environments.

Bioglitter™ is the first of its kind and sets THE standard in eco-friendly glitters.  It is designed to biodegrade quickly and safely in natural freshwater environments.  Ronald Britton Ltd uses TÜV OK biodegradable WATER certification as a simple and clear means of communicating this fact to our customers.

It’s also important to be mindful that the extent of glitter microplastics pollution is relatively small in comparison to other forms of microplastic pollution such as vehicle tyre dust, wash fibres from man-made fabrics and the weathering of exterior coatings to name a few.

Even though plastic glitter contributes very little to overall microplastic pollution, it still contributes.  Hence our passion to drive, innovate and continue to develop our award-winning Bioglitter™ product ranges.

How DoesBioglitter™ Work?

Bioglitter™ DOES NOT DISSOLVE in water, it needs environmental bacteria and other environmental microorganisms to biodegrade.

Once it enters the natural environment, such as a farmer’s field, wastewater or our rivers and lakes, microbes will consume the biodegradable content turning it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

In a microbe and bacteria free environment Bioglitter™ is completely durable.
No microbes = No biodegradation

The speed at which Bioglitter™ biodegrades depends on local environmental factors, such as heat, moisture and concentration of microbes.

Bio Glitter

The Bioglitter Journey………  

How It All Began

Initiated by conversations in 2010 with selected forward-thinking cosmetic manufacturers, we became increasingly aware of the potential issues with small plastic particles in the environment.  As a glitter company, we felt duty-bound to offer an eco-friendly alternative.

Forging a new way forward takes time and inevitably we have discovered lots of ways of how not to do it!  It was a huge challenge, however, Bioglitter™ is the culmination of many years of research and development.  A multi-range family of eco-friendly glitters the majority of which are TÜV OK biodegradable WATER certified.

The Original Game Changer – Bioglitter™ SPARKLE

In 2016 we officially launched Bioglitter™ SPARKLE to the global market, the world’s first glitter independently proven to have very high performance in natural, freshwater biodegradation testing.

The product received rave reviews and still does, it’s first award being, in-cosmetics global – Gold for Innovation 2017 and latest award PCHI Fountain Awards China 2019 winner in the Green and Sustainability category.

The core of Bioglitter™ SPARKLE is a special high-tech form of naturally biodegradable cellulose, unique to Bioglitter™.  This core in its own right possesses excellent eco-credentials; certified compostable in both industrial composting (EN13432, EN14995, ASTM D6400, ISO17088) and home composting environments (TÜV OK compost HOME) and Waste Water biodegradation approved to ISO15986.  However, talking about the biodegradability virtues of the glitter core does not confirm the biodegradability performance of the actual finished or whole glitter product.

Through independent testing to ISO14851 and ISO14852 fresh water biodegradability, we proved that Bioglitter™ SPARKLE biodegrades very well in the very challenging natural environment of rivers and lakes.  The test showed the majority of the product degraded away in just a month.  However, as Bioglitter™ SPARKLE contains a small amount of plastic material in the colour coating it fell short of meeting freshwater biodegradable certification.  Nevertheless, it’s a huge step in the right direction with most of the plastic/microplastic removed.

This result proved the technical principles of our base technology, manufacturing methods and that Bioglitter™ would biodegrade unhindered after conversion to a finished Bioglitter™ product.  With this confirmation we had a solid foundation on which to build our R&D efforts to remove further plastic and achieve our goals of independent fresh water biodegradability certification.

GOAL – Bioglitter™ PURE, the World’s first independently certified fresh water biodegradable glitter

With Bioglitter™ SPARKLE providing us with a solid foundation on which to build and develop, we innovated a completely new product technology, TÜV ‘OK biodegradable WATER’ certified Bioglitter™ PURE.  We believe this is the highest level of independent certification for fresh water biodegradability in the world.

We launched the prototype version of Bioglitter™ PURE at the largest cosmetic raw materials industry show in 2018 and again received international acclaim, picking up a second in-cosmetics global – Gold for Innovation 2018.

Bioglitter™ PURE uses the same cellulose core as Bioglitter™ SPARKLE, but we’ve combined that with our new natural coating.

Opalescent – Iridescent Glitter Reinvented – Bioglitter™ PURE

Due to the physical properties and chemistry of the raw materials used in Bioglitter™,  it is not possible to re-create the structure of a traditional iridescent glitter. Therefore, we have had to take a completely different approach when creating an eco-friendly iridescent.  Bioglitter™ PURE is the result, a range of ‘natural’ (soft iridescent) and opalescent (mother of pearl) effects.

Although Bioglitter™ PURE products do not have a reflective aluminium layer and consequently are less brilliant than Bioglitter™ SPARKLE, they do offer a novel opalescent/iridescent effect with enhanced formulation compatibility.


Bioglitter™ SPARKLE becomes TÜV ‘OK biodegradable WATER’ certified

2021 – launch our latest innovation in Bioglitter™ SPARKLE technology.  Deco Bioglitter™ SPARKLE GC and Craft Bioglitter™ GC ranges have joined the list of ‘OK biodegradable WATER’ certified products offered by Ronald Britton, which is another significant step on the Bioglitter™ journey.  The coating in the new Bioglitter™ SPARKLE GC ranges removes the acrylate plastic applied to the film, enabling the product to achieve the coveted fresh water biodegradable certification from TÜV.

Plans For The Future

Cosmetic Bioglitter™ SPARKLE with its independently proven high biodegradation performance in fresh water, second only to Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE, still remains the most high performing eco-friendly cosmetic glitter range on the market.  Nevertheless, we continue to invest in the development of our Cosmetic Bioglitter™ SPARKLE range, to remove the last bits of plastic and achieve our goal of independent fresh water certification.

We are also hard at work in utilising our proven Bioglitter™ technology to expand our range of Bioglitter™ effects; Holo, Bioglitter™ PURE Iridescent effects.

So please keep watching this space!

Bioglitter™ – Setting THE standard in authenticated eco-friendly glitters

#GuiltFreeGlitter for ALL is our Goal!


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