An eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic based glitter

What isBioglitter®?

Eco Friendly

Bioglitter®, sometimes referred to as ecoglitter, is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic based glitter and has been developed to tackle the part of microplastic pollution created by glitter.  The Bioglitter® brand is often misunderstood as being a just a biodegradable glitter,  however, it represents much more than that.

Completely unique, Bioglitter®, uses natural and plant-derived, non-plastic material as it’s basis, rather than synthetic plastics or bioplastics.  It is also the only glitter available that is not just compostable but also PROVEN to biodegrade into harmless substances in the natural environment.

Plant Material
Cellulose from hardwood

Bioglitter® replaces the core polyester film used in traditional glitter with a unique and special form of cellulose from hardwoods, primarily eucalyptus sourced from responsibly managed and certified plantations operating to PEFC™ standards.  The coating used on Bioglitter® are being replaced with our new patent pending natural coating.

There are two key ultimate goals we are driving to achieve with all Bioglitter® products;
1 – Plastic free, so it’s no longer a microplastic.
2 – Biodegradable in the natural environment, so it leaves no mess.

Our latest award-winning product, Bioglitter Pure, available in February 2019, is totally plastic free.  Bioglitter Sparkle, our first award-winning product, already has 92% of its plastic content removed and continues on its development journey to becoming totally plastic free.
Both products are not just compostable, but, much more important, independently tested and proven to biodegrade in our precious countryside and waterways.

How Bioglitter® is created How Bioglitter® is created

Why is itNeeded?

the plastic problem - time for change

The world is facing a major issue

The world is facing a major issue
with plastic pollution and glitter has played its own small part. Defined as a microplastic, plastic glitter takes hundreds of years to degrade.


Because of its physical size and the diverse number of applications; cosmetics, clothing, cards, crafts, to name a few, compost and recycling bins are NOT where glitter ‘ends up’.  Supply chains also need to be taken into consideration.  Glitter presents a unique challenge, requiring a TOTALLY DIFFERENT APPROACH to the raw material choices that are suitable for eco-friendly compostable plastic packaging.

Glitter can find its way into wastewater
after bathing or washing clothing, which after water treatment can then end up in our rivers and oceans. This is the most probable route that glitter may find its way into marine habitats. Once in the natural environment, glitter like other microplastics, can cause physical harm to small organisms and end up entering the food chain.

A great idea

We Thought Glitter Needed a Total Rethink

Making a glitter that could decompose in industrial and home composting processes is not enough. Removing all the plastic in all Bioglitter® products is our primary goal.  However, we also ensure our Bioglitter® products are not just compostable, but also biodegradable outside in the much more challenging natural environment.  So where ever Bioglitter® ends up it leaves no mess.

Bioglitter® is the first of its kind and continues to trail blaze.
a robust ecoglitter technology reducing and removing all plastic and the ONLY glitter proven to biodegrade in our countryside and waterways.

Bioglitter® Pure, our latest development, being 100% plastic-free and biodegradable in the natural environment is a world first in ‘Guilt Free Glitter’

It’s also important to be mindful that the extent of glitter microplastics pollution is small
in comparison to other forms of microplastic marine pollution such as vehicle tyre dust, wash fibres from man-made fabrics and the weathering of exterior coatings to name a few.

Needless to say, no matter how big or small the potential issue, it still needs addressing.
Hence our passion to drive, develop and continue to offer groundbreaking, robust and credible alternatives.

How DoesIt Work?

Bioglitter® does not dissolve in water, it needs bacteria and other environmental microorganisms to biodegrade.

Environmentally friendly

Once it enters the natural environment such as a farmer’s field, waste water or our rivers and lakes, microbes will consume the biodegradable content turning it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

In a microbe or bacteria free environment Bioglitter® is completely durable.  No microbes, no biodegridation.

The speed at which Bioglitter biodegrades depends on local environmental factors, such as heat, moisture and concentration of microbes.

Like a leaf, Bioglitter® will degrade faster in warm and wet conditions.

Where IsBioglitter® Used?


Cosmetic Bioglitter® is our cosmetic compliant range. It’s our ONLY type of Biogitter® suitable for use in cosmetic and toiletry applications, including festival, nail & body art.

To ensure you’re using Cosmetic grade Bioglitter®, look out for cosmetic products using our ‘Made with Cosmetic Bioglitter®’ logo.  Only brands or manufacturers with a licence can use this logo.

decorative and coatings industries

Deco Bioglitter® is our range of glitters formulated for use in decorative, coatings, fabrics, craft and other non-cosmetic industries.

Deco Bioglitter® is NOT suitable for use in cosmetics,  toiletries, festival, nail & body art.

To ensure you’re using Deco Bioglitter®, specially formulated for non-cosmetic applications, look out for consumer products using our ‘Made with Deco Bioglitter®’ logo.  Only brands or manufacturers with a licence can use this logo.

art and education

Kids Craft Bioglitter® is our range of glitters specially formulated for children, schools and nurseries.

Kids Craft Bioglitter® is NOT suitable for use in cosmetics,  toiletries, festival, nail & body art.

Brian Clegg Ltd has exclusive rights to supply this product quality to the market. Look out the Kids Craft Bioglitter® Logo and Brian Clegg Logo to ensure you’re using our school and nursery Kids Craft Bioglitter®

Bio Glitter

How It All Began

Initiated by conversations in 2010 with selected forward thinking cosmetic manufacturers, we became increasingly aware of the potential issues with small plastic particles in the environment. As a glitter company we felt duty bound to offer an eco-friendly alternative.

Forging a new way forward takes time and inevitably we have discovered lots of ways of how not to do it along the way! It was a huge challenge, however, Bioglitter® is the culmination of many years of research and development; a product which is naturally degradable, non-toxic to the environment and compliant with legislative standards.

We are 92% plastic free & naturally degradable

Where We Are

Bioglitter® is the first step on our journey to providing a solution to the issue of glitter microplastic pollution and offers an eco-friendly glitter choice.

The core of Bioglitter® is a special form of naturally biodegradable cellulose, unique and exclusive to Bioglitter.  It is the best foundation on which to build upon to reach our ultimate 100% plastic free goal.

This Core is certified compostable in both industrial (EN13432, EN14995, ASTM D6400, ISO 17088) and home composting environments (OK Compost Home) and also marine biodegradation approved to ASTM D6691-09. No other glitter film material currently matches this criteria.

We have now reached a milestone stage in the Bioglitter® journey, proving categorically through independent testing to ISO 14851 – Fresh Water Biodegradability, that Bioglitter® biodegrades in fresh water, eg river and lake water, a very challenging natural environment. Test results show that the vast majority of the biodegradable content in Bioglitter® products biodegraded in just 4 weeks.  This proves that the coatings we apply during the manufacture of Bioglitter® do not impair the known ability of its unique core to biodegrade in the natural environment.

With the current incarnation of Bioglitter® we have already come a long way to achieving our goal of a naturally biodegradable and plastic free glitter. Being 92% plastic free and degradable outside in the natural environment, Bioglitter® already significantly reduces its effect on nature. Nevertheless we are working hard to go further….. to remove the last of the plastic and continue to increase the biodegradable content.

We will be 100% plastic free in the future

Plans For The Future

The challenge continues. Making the final steps can be increasingly difficult, however, the future possibilities have us all energised and excited about things to come. We feel incredibly privileged to have this opportunity to make a difference. Currently we are investing in a major research and development program to drive all Bioglitter® products to their ultimate goal of being both:-

Plastic free, so it’s no longer a microplastic.

Biodegradable in the natural environment, so it leaves minimal or no trace.

Watch this space for our latest announcements and new products!

Bioglitter® – Driving Towards a Guilt Free Glitter World!

Bioglitter® Sparkle
Bioglitter® Pure
BioGlitter® Pure


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