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Fantastic news for Bioglitter®, we didn’t just hit the national news this week, but the international news!

American based, international broadcast media, CNN, interviewed our very own director, Stephen Cotton, to talk about the glitter issue and how Ronald Britton is tackling microplastic pollution with the development of Bioglitter®.

CNN also interviewed our distributor in the USA, Victor Alvarez, owner of Blue Sun International.

It’s a fantastic piece covering the issues of microplastic pollution and the technology behind Bioglitter®, the world first certified biodegradable glitter, based on plant material rather than plastic.

The piece also involved us being tasked with creating some fun pictures of Bioglitter® for CNN, so we had a bit of a sparkle fest in the warehouse, with Stephen and fellow director Andy Thompson throwing some eco sparkles around, to show off the reflective effect of the plant based glitter, which I think you’ll agree, looks indistinguishable from traditional plastic alternatives.

To read more about Bioglitter® and our with Blue Sun International in the USA, visit  www.edition.cnn.com/2019/12/18/success/glitter-biodegradable/index.html