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Bioglitter™ ‘Up Front’ on Primark’s latest glitter cosmetic products

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We are over the moon to see the Bioglitter™ logo on the front of Primark’s latest ‘PS…’ branded glitter cosmetic products launched earlier this month.

Primark is licensed to use the logo and its use on their products clearly demonstrates to the consumer that the product is made using genuine Bioglitter™.  Bioglitter™  is proven through testing to rapidly biodegrade in the natural environment, and we’re proud to play our part in making eco-friendly glitter available on the high street.

Primark commented, “We take our responsibility as a leading international retailer seriously and want to reduce our impact on the environment wherever we can by finding new ways to make and sell the products that our customers love.  We first brought eco-friendly glitter to the high street two years ago and now all our own-brand cosmetics are made from Bioglitter™”

Through the Bioglitter™ websites ‘discoverbioglitter.com’ and ‘bioglitter.com’, consumers can learn more about the ‘whys, whats and hows’ of Bioglitter™.

We believe simple terms such as ‘biodegradable’ ‘plastic-free’ can be misleading, used without qualification and don’t necessarily describe the eco-credentials of a product, especially a product like glitter.

Stephen Cotton, Commercial Director at Bioglitter™ stated, “It breaks our hearts to see both the hard earned money and goodwill of consumers trying to make a difference, squandered on products that are not what they appear.  That’s why we work hard to provide information based on solid independent testing that cuts through the confusion, enabling consumers to make informed choices in the knowledge that their purchasing decisions are having a positive impact on the environment.”