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  • Ding Dong! Ophelia!

    Ding Dong Ophelia!  Congratulations on winning BBC’s Glow Up Season 2. Another wonderful season of exceptional Make-Up Artist talent and a very welcomed escape from these COVID troubled times. Season 2 saw the use of Bioglitter™ even more than in Season 1.      Cosmetic Bioglitter™ SPARKLE Silver featured Episode 4 when Eve, Season 2 […]

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  • Glitter, Plastic Pollution and Bioglitter™.

    Cutting through the eco glitter jargon; compostable, biodegradable, plastic free, microplastic……. What does it all mean?   Glitter, Plastic Pollution and Bioglitter™. Stephen Cotton, director of Ronald Britton Ltd, the creators of the world’s most eco-friendly glitter brand, Bioglitter™, talks us through the glitter pollution issue, and how to cut through the jargon to know […]

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  • Bioglitter is popping up all over the world!

    Here, there and everywhere! That’s right, after a successful month in April, May has proved to be equally as successful as Bioglitter has popped up across the world! From New Zealand to mainland Europe, Bioglitter has been drawing the plaudits and we’re over the moon with the recognition we have received. Key titles such as […]

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  • Month of April is a resounding success!

    The month of April proved to be a successful one for us as we hit the headlines across the world following the launch of our innovative product, Bioglitter Sparkle. Headlines were not the only thing we grabbed as our trip to Amsterdam saw us claim Gold for the second year running as we claimed the […]

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    Bio-glitter’s biodegradable properties were perfect for shooting this video, as any glitter left behind after clean up would naturally degrade away in the environment.

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