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Bioglitter™ and Peaty’s Develop Ground-Breaking Non-Microplastic Tyre Sealant for Cyclists

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The team at Peaty’s, a producer of high-performance cycling products, has been working with Bioglitter™, a developer of biodegradable cosmetic glitter, to develop a brand new to market plastic-free tubeless bike tyre sealant. This ground-breaking and resilient new formula containing biodegradable fibres and particles is perfect for eco-conscious cyclists.

Bioglitter™, a registered trademark of Ronald Britton Ltd, developed this new glitter formulation which, when combined with Peaty’s biodegradable fibres, creates a versatile tyre sealant that doesn’t use rubber crumb (crushed car tyres) or shards of fibreglass which both contain plastic.

Two years in the making and a multitude of formulations trialed, Peaty’s new ‘HOLESHOT Tubeless Tyre Sealant’ launched in June 2022, and is quickly becoming recognised by the best in the industry as a real-world beater with a 5* review from Bike Perfect.

Guy Kesteven from Bike Perfect commented: ‘Peaty’s brand new sealant is designed to be eco-friendly but still seal punctures better than any other. There’s no evil plastic fibres in it either and all the packaging can be recycled. It’s the best all-round sealant I’ve used by a consistently repeatable margin, particularly when it comes to healing serious wounds.’

Holeshot Sealant Sizes Made with Bioglitter


The new HOLESHOT sealant can securely plug a 6mm puncture with ground-breaking performance, aided by the addition of Bioglitter™ to strengthen the sealant and make it last for miles. This formula has been designed with durability in mind, saving tyres from going to landfill and being reproduced which is environmentally net positive.

As well as product performance, Peaty’s also take the environmental impact of their products very seriously and have been using Bioglitter™ in their products for years. However, this is very different, Peaty’s have completely overhauled their technology and Ronald Britton have developed a completely new Bioglitter product to work with their new formulation to optimise sealing performance, compatibility, aesthetics, and cleanliness in use.

Stephen Cotton, Commercial Director at Bioglitter™ said, ‘As a keen cyclist I feel privileged to be working with Peaty’s. They are such a dedicated, fun-loving team to work with that share so many of our values; from doing what we can to help protect the environment, and working hard to make products better, to of course our passion for cycling.’

Bioglitter is the world’s only TÜV Fresh Water Biodegradable certified glitter brand, considered the highest level of freshwater biodegradable certification in the world. The biodegradability tests involved in this certification are specified by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in the proposed EU Microplastic legislation due to be published in 2022. This testing determines whether a polymeric material is considered a microplastic.

Steve Peat and Bryn Morgan, Co-Founders of Peaty’s said, ‘It’s been a long haul to develop this new HOLESHOT Biofibre Tubeless Sealant. Bioglitter has always worked really well for us in our previous Tubeless Sealant formula and makes the perfect eco-friendly partner to biodegradable fibres in our new HOLESHOT formula.’



For more information on the Why, Where and How of Bioglitter, visit the website: https://www.bioglitter.com/

A video of how the sealant works can be found here:  British World Champion downhill champion Steve Peat Explains – Peaty’s Holeshot Biofibre Sealant


About Peaty’s

Peaty’s was co-founded by Steve Peat, British World Champion downhill champion (17 UCI World Cup Wins, 4 UCI World Championships, 52 UCI World Cup Podiums) and Bryn Morgan.  It’s a UK company that makes and supplies aftermarket bicycle consumables worldwide, ‘designed by riders not accountants’. Steve is still actively involved in top level cycling, being chief coach to world renowned Santa Cruz Bicycle’s Syndicate Race Team.

For more information, please consult the www.peatys.co.uk website.