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Ronald Britton Ltd Announces Sale of Bioglitter™ Business to Sigmund Lindner GmbH

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Ronald Britton Ltd Announces Sale of Bioglitter™ Business to Sigmund Lindner GmbH


Ronald Britton Ltd is pleased to announce the sale of its Bioglitter™ business to Sigmund Lindner GmbH, a leading manufacturer of sustainable and innovative products for the cosmetics, coatings and printing industries.  In a move that will ensure business continuity and the pooling of knowledge, Stephen Cotton and Andrew Thompson will be joining the Sigmund Lindner team.

Ronald Britton’s Bioglitter™ brand is a pioneer in environmentally friendly glitter products, offering biodegradable alternatives to traditional plastic glitter.  The brand has been embraced by consumers and industry professionals alike and has become a global leader in sustainable glitter solutions.

The sale to Sigmund Lindner GmbH will enable Bioglitter™ to continue its development and rapid growth, as well as further expand its reach, while maintaining its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

“We are delighted to announce the sale of Bioglitter™ to Sigmund Lindner GmbH,” said Stephen Cotton, Commercial Director of Ronald Britton Ltd. “We believe that Sigmund Lindner’s commitment to sustainability and innovation makes them the perfect home for the Bioglitter™ brand and we are confident that with our united efforts there will be continued development and expansion of the product range to meet the needs of customers around the world.”

Andrew Thompson, Technical Director of Ronald Britton Ltd, added: “The sale of the Bioglitter™ business to Sigmund Lindner represents the next step in the Bioglitter™ journey from the inception of the product over ten years ago. With our combined expertise, I believe we can take Bioglitter™ to new heights and continue to lead the way in sustainable glitter product development.”

Sigmund Lindner GmbH, the family-run company is known for its more than 160 years of tradition and development in the field of glitter. As one of the leading glitter manufacturers in Europe SiLi is also known for its commitment to sustainable practices and innovative solutions and the acquisition of Bioglitter™ is a testament to their dedication to developing more eco-friendly products. The company is excited to welcome Stephen Cotton and Andrew Thompson to the team and is looking forward to collaborating with them to take Bioglitter™ to the next level.

“We are thrilled to have acquired the Bioglitter™ business to extend our own ECHA-compliant, vegan glitter range and to have Stephen and Andrew join our team,” said Stefan Trassl, CEO of Sigmund Lindner GmbH.  “We are committed to maintaining the brand’s legacy of sustainability and innovation and are excited to work together to develop new and exciting Bioglitter™ products.”

Both companies are committed to a smooth transfer of business so there is minimum disruption for customers.  Over the coming weeks both companies will be working closely together to achieve this.  All customers and distributors should continue as normal and place orders with Ronald Britton Ltd until further notice.


Calvin Lord

Managing Director – Ronald Britton Ltd


About Ronald Britton Ltd:

Ronald Britton Ltd is a UK-based business involved in the development of Bioglitter™ product technology and brand as well as the supplier of specialty metal powders, servicing a variety of industries including cosmetics, coatings, and printing.  The company is committed to innovation, sustainability, and responsible business practices.

About Sigmund Lindner GmbH:

Sigmund Lindner GmbH is a leading manufacturer of sustainable and innovative products for the cosmetics, coatings and printing industries.  The company is dedicated to developing and producing high-quality, environmentally friendly products in Germany that meet the needs of its customers and contribute to a more sustainable future.