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Fashion For Good Museum – GROW Expo: BioGlitz™ X Bioglitter™ Installation. MERGING SUSTAINABLE SHINE WITH DESIGN

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Fruit skin fabric, mushroom ‘leather’, spider-silk, dye made by bacteria and algae; GROW, the new exhibition from the Fashion for Good Museum in Amsterdam explores the biomaterials and cutting-edge innovations that are shaping the sustainable future of fashion. What exactly are biomaterials? How sustainable are they and what makes them different from traditional fibers like cotton and hemp? And does bio always mean better and sustainable? Navigating the many different kinds of sustainable materials can be challenging for the average consumer. For their year-long exhibition, curated and developed in-house for the first time, the Fashion for Good Museum dives into all things biomaterials.


Biomaterial is a very generic word used to describe materials that are biological. When you think of biomaterials, probably the first things that come to mind are cotton, hemp and linen. Because the word is not specific, it can easily be confusing. The world of biomaterials is way bigger and ever evolving. Think as big as silk, fruit skins (waste), mycelium (mushroom roots) or even algae, spider and caterpillar silk, cellulosics (coming from plants) and bioplastics, all of which are part of the biomaterials world.

In the GROW expo, visitors go on an inspiring journey through the exciting materials, innovations, designers and brands using biomaterials, discovering the fascinating and rich world of biomaterials, explaining the differences and benefits of each material, what’s available today, and how the industry can change by using better materials.

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