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TooD Launch Innovative ‘One Swipe’ Cosmetic Range Made with Bioglitter™

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We are very pleased to be working with Indi Brand ‘TooD Beauty’ based in NYC.

TooD are completely new, first hit the market earlier this year and are now launching their completely novel and innovative ‘One Swipe’ range of cosmetics that contain Cosmetic Bioglitter™.

The ‘One Swipe’ concept of self-expression was born out of  TooD’s founder, Shari’s, very difficult personal journey earlier in her life.  With determination and strength of character she turned her negative experiences, of being a first-generation Iranian American often singled out as looking very different, into positive and creative energy; To celebrate difference.

In Shari’s words “… to reclaim ourselves – replacing tears and sadness with laughter and joy.


Shari’s a keen horse rider and surfer.  With her love of life and the outdoors, she is passionate about protecting our precious countryside, waterways and ecosystems.  As a result she has gone to extremes to ensure TooD products are eco-friendly.

Shari said, “The natural world is incredibly important to me, I spend a lot of time in it and enjoying what it has to offer.  So I was determined to develop a cosmetic range that married the two; self-expression but not at a cost of the environment. TooD ‘One Swipe’ is that; a completely new cosmetic concept.  Sparkles are also important to me and it was critical that I found a glitter that delivered, both in appearance and sustainability credentials.  After interrogating the market, to get to the bottom of the ‘good, bad and ugly’ out there, the decision was easy, Bioglitter™ is simply incomparable.   I’m so happy to have found this brand and support the ethos behind it.”

Stephen, Ronald Britton Ltd said, ”We are over the moon to be working with TooD.  Shari’s personal experiences are truly shocking and what’s even more saddening is the fact that these experiences are far too common.  We are over the moon that Shari has chosen to use our products and have the knowledge that it’s also going to help ‘replace tears and sadness with laughter and joy’, as she would say.  With regard to the environment, well… that goes without saying, our views and values are completely aligned.” 

To read more about the TooD Beauty story and also find out more about their ‘One Swipe’ cosmetics visit www.toodbeauty.com