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Ding Dong! Ophelia!

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Ding Dong Ophelia!  Congratulations on winning BBC’s Glow Up Season 2.

Another wonderful season of exceptional Make-Up Artist talent and a very welcomed escape from these COVID troubled times.

Season 2 saw the use of Bioglitter™ even more than in Season 1.


Cosmetic Bioglitter™ SPARKLE Silver featured Episode 4 when Eve, Season 2 runner up, used her creative genius to create the ‘Disco Ball Balaclava’ look.








In Episode 7 Ophelia, Season 2 crowned winner, created a stunning effect by combining Cosmetic Bioglitter™ SPARKLE Rose Gold on top of a metallic base.


It was especially good to hear Ophelia talking about her secret love of glitter…. well not such a secret now!


Using glitter no longer need be a guilty pleasure with eco-friendly Bioglitter™ #GuiltFreeGlitter