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VISION2025 – Prepare for the Events Industry revival with a fresh new website

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VISION2025 are an organisation that help the outdoor events industry take action on the climate crisis and this week we saw the launch of their new and fresh website.


It all kicked off back in 2015 with their ground breaking ‘The Show Must Go On’ report that outlined the environmental impacts of the festival industry and aimed to provide a robust basis for an industry-wide action.  The report launched the VISION2025 organisation and pledge to bring together festivals that wish to take action to create a sustainable future.






Unfortunately back in 2015 Bioglitter™ was relatively new and still taking its baby steps in the market place.  However, in 2019, after verifying our claims, Bioglitter™ was acknowledged by the organisation and we jumped at the chance to become a strong supporter of their cause…   Perfect timing, as the year after, VISION2025 released the ‘The Show Must Go On 2020 Update’ report, towards which Ronald Britton Ltd (Bioglitter™) were a significant contributor enabling its publication.

The organisation had gown from strength to strength and by 2020 over 100 events had pledged to follow the VISION2025 strategy to create more sustainable events.




Now the organisation is a growing network of 500 outdoor events and businesses take climate action.   This month (23rd June) they launched their new www.vision2025.org.uk website.  It’s packed with resources, news and an expanding number of new case studies that detail how green suppliers to the outdoor event industry are making a difference, including a new case study on Bioglitter™



Photos by Anthony Delanoix,  Krists Luhaers and Danny Howe