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4 out of the 5 Bioglitter™ product ranges now certified biodegradable in the natural environment

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Three NEW certified fresh water biodegradable Bioglitter™ product ranges now available.

The world’s leading eco glitter manufacturer, British company Ronald Britton Ltd, significantly expand their certified fresh water biodegradable product offering with three newly upgraded product ranges.

4 out of Ronald Britton’s 5 Bioglitter™ product ranges are now TÜV  ‘OK biodegradable WATER’ certified and are all commercially available as of 1st Jan 2021.

Early in 2019 Ronald Britton launched the groundbreaking Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE product range which represented a significant milestone as it was the world’s first ‘TÜV Austria, OK biodegradable WATER’ certified glitter.  This is the highest level of independent certification for fresh water biodegradability in the world, an achievement that still remains unequalled by any other glitter manufacturer.

Deco Bioglitter™ SPARKLE GCDeco Bioglitter™ PURE and Craft Bioglitter™ GC product ranges have now joined the list of ‘OK biodegradable WATER’ certified products offered by Ronald Britton, which is another step on the Bioglitter™ journey.  The colour effect coating on these new Bioglitter™ product ranges removes the acrylate plastic applied to the film, enabling the product to achieve the coveted fresh water biodegradable certification from TÜV.

TÜV Austria;  Independent and trusted certification body. 

  • Certification & serial coded logo unique to the company owning the certification and products its related to
  • Certification can be easily verified to determine: if genuine, current, ownership and the product/s certified
  • Ronald Britton’s unique serial marked Logo:   

Stephen Cotton, commercial director at Ronald Britton said “This is a significant step for us.  Getting more of our Bioglitter™ product lines certified to this level of biodegradable performance is something we have been striving to achieve for some time now.  It goes without saying achieving the highest level of independent certification for fresh water biodegradability in the world is extremely difficult.  We are so pleased to achieve this, it’s taken blood, sweat and tears!”

The Bioglitter™ SPARKLE ranges are the brightest range of glitters Ronald Britton has to offer, indistinguishable from the appearance of metallic effect plastic glitters.

The Bioglitter™ PURE ranges are Ronald Britton’s environmentally friendly alternative to plastic opalescent / iridescent glitters.

Andrew Thompson, technical director at Ronald Britton said “Being intimately involved in the glitter industry we could not ignore the part plastic glitter plays in microplastic pollution, albeit a very small part in the overall context.  We needed to tackle the problem and have been developing the Bioglitter™ range over almost a decade.  We always thought it would be a long and complex task and we were not disappointed!  Certification of these three product ranges does not mean the end of the Bioglitter™ journey, far from it.  We still have plans to offer more effects and strive to continuously improve our Bioglitter™ product technology.”

Many ‘so called eco glitters’ are now on the market, Ronald Britton is working with both international and high street brands to use the registered Bioglitter™ logo to effectively comminute to consumers that the products they are buying are made with genuine Bioglitter™.  Click here to learn more about the Bioglitter brand licensing program.