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Bioglitter™ partners with The Beauty Mask Company®, adding it’s sparkle to a new range of peel-off face masks

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Wunderbar! German brand, The Beauty Mask Company® launches a new sparkling range of glitter peel-off masks, made using sustainable Bioglitter. The range of face masks is now available throughout Germany in various retailer chains such as Rossmann drugstore, perfect for eco conscious cosmetic companies and consumers. Bioglitter, invented and manufactured by UK company Ronald Britton Ltd, is the world’s leading eco-friendly glitter brand.

Stefan Mulder, VP Marketing at Lornamead GmbH, the maker of the brand, The Beauty Mask Company® said, “Bioglitter’s collaboration with The Beauty Mask Company ®, which provides near-natural, mostly vegan formulations and biodegradable tissue sheet masks of natural origin, couldn’t be better suited as a sustainable cosmetic breakthrough.”

Lornamead are also the owners of brand Simple®, Vosene®, Wright’s Soap, marketed in the UK.

Bioglitter is the world’s only TÜV Fresh Water Biodegradable certified glitter brand, considered the highest level of freshwater biodegradable certification in the world. The biodegradability tests involved in this certification are specified by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in the proposed EU Microplastic legislation due to be published in 2022. This testing determines whether or not a polymeric material is considered a microplastic.

Stephen Cotton, Director of Ronald Britton Ltd said, “We are so excited to see Bioglitter being used by a top European brand such as ‘The Beauty Mask Company®’. It’s especially pleasing to see the use of our Bioglitter logo on the product packaging. The use of the logo, which requires our authorisation, is a stamp of quality and confirms that genuine Bioglitter has been used.”

Bioglitter continues to trailblaze the global glitter industry in terms of its unrivaled, independently tested, freshwater biodegradability performance and in the breadth of high-quality cosmetic effects that are now offered, spanning from metallics, through opalescent, to the new holographic range that was launched in March.

Andrew Thompson, Technical Director at Ronald Britton Ltd, said “Being able to differentiate Bioglitter from other glitter is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers as customers become more aware of the environmental impacts of ‘traditional’ glitter. And we’re proud to offer all our customers that peace of mind when they see the Ronald Britton’s registered Bioglitter logos on products made with Bioglitter, including these new glitter peel-off masks.”


About The Beauty Mask Company®

Inspired by Asian beauty trends in Seoul, Tokyo and Kyoto, The Beauty Mask company ® provides sheet masks made with natural fibers as well as bubble masks, cream masks and gel masks.  The near-natural brand has been created in 2017 only, and has advanced to one of the leading, most innovative mask-offerings in Germany and Austria since then.

The new range of face masks made using Bioglitter was officially launched in April 2022.

For more information, please consult the www.thebeautymaskcompany.com website.