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Bioglitter™ puts some sparkle back into Christmas 2020!

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PRESS RELEASE – 3rd Dec 2020:

As we all become more aware of our impact on the world around us there are sacrifices that must be made along the way – but glitter no longer needs to be one of them.

While some major retailers began removing glitter products from their shelves due to environmental concerns, Rochdale-based Bioglitter™ has developed the world’s only eco-friendly alternative which brings all the fun with none of the harm.

The Bioglitter™ range is now used in Christmas wrapping paper available through WHSmith and a sparkly range of gift bags available in Accessorize.

The company has also loaned its expertise to a collaboration between Rubik’s Cube® and glitter brand Glamavan® to develop a sparkly Eco Glitter Gift Set for the 40th anniversary of the iconic Cube.

Bioglitter™ is independently certified fresh water biodegradable, meaning it biodegrades quickly and safely in the natural environment.  It also helps overcome issues associated with recycling glitter; Bioglitter™ it does not melt so will not stick to paper recycling machinery, unlike plastic glitters.

The registered Bioglitter™ logo is easily found on each of the products, allowing customers to buy with peace of mind and keep on recycling when the party is over.

Lydia Scamponi of the Unique Paper Company, which produced the range of gift wrap now available at WHSmith, said: “Christmas is a time to have fun and celebrate and it would be such a shame to do so without sparkly glitter!  We are delighted to be working with Bioglitter™, a truly environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional plastic glitter, to create a fabulous set of wrapping paper which is bringing the glamour back for Christmas 2020 and beyond.”

A buyer talking on behalf of Accessorize, said: “The Accessorize brand is all about style and fun, but we also take our sustainability very seriously.  Glitter is a really fun part of the Christmas experience and we are thrilled to have partnered with Bioglitter™ to offer an incredible range of sparkly gift bags that are also kind to the environment!”

Toni Cassidy, the founder of Glamavan and the person adding sparkle to Rubik’s, explains: “Our sustainable sparkles are the best way of having fun whilst being eco-conscious. We are so proud of our glitter collaboration with the household name Rubik’s Cube®, sparkle the colours of the Cube whilst you solve! Our little tins of happiness make you feel special and to end the year giving the gift of sparkles will brighten anyone’s Christmas.”

Stephen Cotton, director of eco-friendly glitter brand, Bioglitter™ said: “The banning of plastic glitter has garnered lots of media attention recently and upset a lot of sparkle fans, but our new ranges give everyone a wholesome alternative which is all fun and also provides peace of mind knowing its independently certified to the highest level for fresh water biodegradability in the world.  We are excited to be working with these companies to bring some excellent products to the high street in time for Christmas 2020.  If there was ever a year that needed an extra sparkly Christmas, this year is it!”