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What does OK Biodegradable WATER Certification mean?

Helpful Information, Science Behind Bioglitter®

OK biodegradable WATER by TÜV, Austria

Products certified for OK Biodegradable WATER guarantee biodegradation in a natural, freshwater environment, and thus substantially contribute to the reduction of waste in rivers, lakes or any natural fresh water.


Criteria required to be satisfied to be awarded OK Biodegradable WATER certification status:-

  • Passes ISO14851 Freshwater Biodegradability testing, taking the average of 3 tests conducted to certification protocol testing conditions.
    • A level of >90% biodegradation within 56 days relative to the control, microcrystalline cellulose control, is required to meet the pass criteria.
    • Testing to be conducted by ISO 17025 accredited test laboratory.
  • Passes evaluation of product data to ensure it’s not ecotoxic in aquatic environments
  • All data independently verified genuine and correct by TÜV, Austria.

Bioglitter and ‘OK Biodegradable WATER’ Certification

Cosmetic Bioglitter PURE is ‘OK Biodegradable WATER’ certified – A world first!


Cosmetic Bioglitter SPARKLE and Deco Bioglitter SPARKLE:  are not currently OK Biodegradable Water certified, however, ISO14851 testing demonstrates we are only 3% off meeting the biodegradability performance criteria to become certified.  As we remove the last bit of plastic from SPARKLE and replace it will plastic free elements, it will allow us to improve the biodegradability performace, enabling SPARKLE to become Certified.