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Another great story to announce today!  Bioglitter® is working with none other than Annie Lennox for a new exhibition in Boston.

One of the greatest singer, song writers of all time, Annie Lennox, former lead singer of Eurythmics, has chosen to use Bioglitter® as part her new art exhibition and performance at the renowned Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

Annie is a major philanthropist and political activist and has a real insight into the problem of plastic glitter and plastic pollution.  She is a big supporter of Today Glitter, which is one of our resellers of Bioglitter® in America.

Annie’s new exhibition “Now I Let You Go,” features an earthen mound of belongings that have played key parts in her life.   She’ll also be doing her own musical performance as part of the exhibition, and all the sparkles she features in the performance and exhibition will be Bioglitter.®

Our director, Stephen Cotton said: “It’s an absolute honour to get support from such as worldwide star. It’s such an incredible journey we are on, two years ago no one had heard about Bioglitter®, now we have support from international names, first David Attenborough, now Annie Lennox, it’s fantastic to see we’ve created something that is receiving worldwide recognition and more importantly, making an impact in tackling global pollution.”