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Clean beauty set to take the industry by storm


Bioglitter has been cited alongside some of the global leaders in the beauty industry including BASF Colors & Effects and Beautycounter, in Preen.Me’s latest white paper on sustainability in the beauty industry and responsible ingredient sourcing.

Peen.Me has put together a report which reveals a huge growth in “Clean” beauty.

The Preen.Me report analysed 1.8M Instagram posts and 654 Instagram hashtags between October 2018 – March 2019, along with industry sources, consumer surveys, and influencer focus groups to unpack and measure the consumer hunger for change.

According to the report globally, 59% of consumers are interested in trying new products from “clean” brands.  A “clean” product is defined as one that is produced without suspected toxic ingredients, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

The report also revealed that the clean beauty conversation shows both a high level of passion and huge growth, with a 62% growth rate and a 24% retention, over a 6-month period. Drastically overshadowing the Animal Free conversation which grew only 9% and had a 12% retention over the same time period.

Similar to the cruelty-free movement, which has swept the market over last several years, this looks set to become a big phenomenon, which will drive real change in the beauty industry, as ingredients become a more influential buying factor, sparking more interest and growth for the clean beauty segment.

The report also highlights key activities in the clean beauty space including the work of Beautycounter, Colors & Effects, a brand of BASF and their drive to ethically source MICA and yes, none other than ourselves, Bioglitter and our work creating the world’s first plastic-free glitter.

Our director, Stephen Cotton said: “The market is moving apace and we are seeing a huge demand from consumers to develop products that are both healthy for the individual, society and the environment.

“What the report really highlights is the speed of this movement and the detail in which consumers will look at products to ensure they meet their criteria.  Transparency and traceability are key and we’ve made that central to our own products, and labelling.  Consumers need to know what a product contains, what it’s eco-credentials are, proved through independent testing and where and how products are sourced.”

Download the full report here “The Clean Side Of Mica A White Paper On Sustainability In Beauty and Responsible Ingredient Sourcing” or here