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International Horticulture firms work to tackle plastic waste!

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It is with delight to confirm that we have officially joined forces with two major international importers and suppliers to help cut plastic waste in the flower market.

Following lengthy talks, we will now be working with Broekhof in the Netherlands and APAC in the UK. We’re over the moon to have both firms on board; both of whom are leaders in the flower sundries and packaging industry.

Now, our challenge is to transform the industry working together to replace plastic glitter used in flower decoration with our eco-friendly alternative, Bioglitter®!

Our very own Stephen Cotton said: “Tens of tonnes of plastic glitter are used every year in the horticultural industry for flower and foliage decoration.  It’s a potential microplastic issue.  Glitter can find its way into the environment not only when consumer goods are disposed of, but also all the way through the supply chain.

We’ve been working hard for a number of years to create a glitter that combats the issue and now we have. In recent months we have launched our new Deco Bioglitter®. It’s a huge step forward, a glitter designed for decorative applications which is 92% plastic free and proven to decompose outside in the natural environment.”

Stephen went on to add: “Broekhof and APAC are now our partners and sellers of Deco Bioglitter® into the horticultural markets. Having two of Europe’s biggest floral sundries and packaging suppliers on board, supporting Bioglitter®, is something we are very pleased about. They are both very well connected in the industry and will help us spread the message of the why and how of Bioglitter® and help promote eco-friendly working practices in the industry.”