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Julia Bradbury uses Bioglitter® to promote sustainability

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During Christmas we reached out to a few TV personalities who are also known for championing environmental issues telling them more about our Bioglitter® ranges. On 27th January 2020 @therealjuliabradbury posted a video on her Instagram and Twitter account of her using our Bioglitter® to promote sustainability and educate her followers on the issue with plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways.


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Richard Thompson a Professor of Marine Biology first alerted the world to the existence of microplastics in the in 2004. 16 years ago. We now know that microplastics – tiny fragments of plastics – are widespread throughout the world. They've been discovered everywhere; Arctic sea ice, thousands of metres beneath the surface & on beaches around the globe. You might not have even thought about it , but glitter is made up of microplastics & it's incredibly polluting. All that glitter in your make-up, your children's craft boxes, glitter pens, glitter on cards. Here's a more planet friendly alternative by a British company..@bioglittergb. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨We all like a bit of sparkle in our lives. But not in our oceans. SPREAD THIS MESSAGE: PEOPLE DON'T KNOW. Get your kids school to drop the glitter or swap it out for something less polluting. Dont buy glitter shit! #saveouroceans #saveourseas #plasticpollutes #plasticpollution #Dontfeedthefish #biodegradable #glitter #sparkle #makeup #planetkind #protecttheplanet

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