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Questions relating to 100% Plastic Free, Microplastic Free and 100% Biodegradable

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Bioglitter™ is designed to biodegrade quickly and safely in natural freshwater environments. Ronald Britton Ltd uses TÜV OK biodegradable WATER certification as a simple and clear means of communicating this fact to our customers. We have taken this approach as simple terms such as ‘100% plastic free’ and ‘100% biodegradable’ can be misleading, used without qualification and don’t necessarily describe the eco credentials of a product, especially a product comprising several raw materials.

At Ronald Britton, we believe OK biodegradable WATER certification cuts through the confusion.  Moreover, the ISO 14851/2 tests at the heart of this certification are also specified by ECHA for determination of whether or not a polymeric material is considered a microplastic.

Key Points:

  • Bioglitter™ biodegrades quickly and safely in the natural environment
  • Certification cuts through confusing messages around plastic content and biodegradability
  • Biodegradable doesn’t mean an excuse to litter, we do not encourage indiscriminate use of glitter outdoors