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We launch our new Deco Bioglitter range

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Our specialists have been working extremely hard behind the scenes and we are delighted to announce the launch of a new product designed to give products an eco-friendly sparkle.


Deco Bioglitter® uses the same core technology as our cosmetic Bioglitter range, and is based on a special form of cellulose rather than polyester.  It has been developed specifically for the decorative and coatings industry, meaning it’s ideal to sprinkle on flowers, use on printed materials and much, much more. With our Deco Bioglitter®, it is completely durable on shelf, but once it enters the environment, where microbes can act on it, it will degrade naturally, similar to a leaf.


Not only that, the product has recently undergone testing by the independent testing organisation, OWS Belgium, which revealed it has excellent biodegradability in fresh water environments, like streams, rivers and lakes, with the vast majority of the biodegradable content in Bioglitter®, biodegrading in just four weeks, yet more great news!


Our very own, Stephen Cotton, said: “Tens of tonnes of plastic glitter are used by supermarkets in cards, packaging and in particular for flower and horticultural decoration.  Glitter can find its way into the environment not only when goods are ultimately disposed of but also all the way through the supply chain.  Deco Bioglitter® has been developed to address this issue.  It’s the first glitter in the world proven to biodegrade in the natural environment and offers retailers and manufacturers a truly eco-friendly glitter option, ideal for single use products such as gift wrap, cards, flower decoration and general effect coatings where glitter could fall off in use.”